The Narconon Scientology Link

Lawsuit Claims Narconon Scientology Link

Courthouse News Service is reporting that a lawsuit filed on behalf of Cathy Tarr and her son Michael, alleges that Narconon Fresh Start dba Rainbow Canyon Retreat (Caliente, Nevada) is a fraudulent and dangerous recruitment tool for Scientology.

Cathy Tarr claims she borrowed money to pay $33,000 for Narconon’s treatment for her son Michael. The lawsuit claims that Michael received no education about substance abuse but only about Scientology.

The lawsuit claims Michael’s Narconon program included, but was not limited to, the study of eight books by L. Ron Hubbard and a sauna and vitamin program known as the “New Detoxification Program” that has been described in detail in other lawsuits.

According to statements attributed to the Tarrs in the lawsuit, Narconon courses were self-taught by the patients and overseen by counselors. Narconon students and Scientology practitioners performed Scientology Training Routines. The counselors, according to the lawsuit, are alleged to have had little to no training beyond the training they received from Narconon and/or the Church of Scientology. According to the lawsuit, the rehab program is difficult to distinguish from indoctrination into Scientology.

According to Courthouse News, the complaint states: “Narconon’s New Life Detoxification program is identical to the Scientology ritual known as Purification Rundown, or the Purif. The Purification Rundown is a required component of Scientology training and is part of Scientology’s Bridge to Total Freedom. The Bridge to Total Freedom is the path a practicing Scientologist moves up to attain the state of Clear. Attaining the state of Clear is often regarded as the highest goal for a Scientologist.”

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